2016 Second Division Cup Champion Chatham Attack

2016 First Division Cup Champion Wallaceburg

2016 Third Division Cup Champion African Carib FC

2016 Fourth Division Cup Champion London Portuguese

2016 Premier Division Cup Champion Marconi


Divisional Cup Results - July 22, 23 | July-22-17

Semi Finals

Fourth Cup

AEK Steelhorse 2:4 LS Croatia

Wallaceburg B 3:0 Ingersoll Flyers

Third Cup

Carib Stars 1:7 Goderich FC

Tillsonburg B 1:2 African Carib FC

Second Cup

St Thomas B 2:0 Scottish

Oakridge 2:3 Germans

First Cup

Taxandria A 0:6 Woodstock A

Sarnia FC 4:1 Chatham Attack

Premier Cup

Jagiellonia 1:2 Marconi A

Croatia A 0:2 Wallaceburg A

Divisional Cup Results - July 16, 2017 | July-16-17

Quarter Finals

Fourth Cup

AEK Steelhorse 2:0 Curinga Italia

Chatham Galaxy 2:3  LS Croatia

Third Cup

Carib Stars 5:0 St Columban B

America South Sudan 1:2 African Carib FC - July 20th

Second Cup

Oakridge 5:4 Chatham Storm

Germans 3:0 Southend

First Cup

English FC B 0:3 Woodstock A

Sarnia FC 2:1 Portuguese A - July 20th

Premier Cup

Croatia A 3:0 English FC A

St Thomas A 1:2 Wallaceburg A - July 19th

Divisional Cup Results - July 15, 2017 | July-15-17

Quarter Finals

Fourth Cup

Wallaceburg B 3:0 Taxandria C

Nairn 2:3 Ingersoll

Third Cup

Taxandria B 1:2 Goderich

Portuguese B 3:4 Tillsonburg B - Photos

Second Cup

St Thomas B 4:0 LACFC

White Eagles 2:5 Scottish - Photos

First Cup

Taxandria A 3:2 St Columban A

Chatham Attack 6:0 Croatia B - Photos

Premier Cup

Jagiellonia 3:2 AEK Olympians - Photos

Tillsonburg A 0:4 Marconi A - Photos



Miles Caley | July-12-17

The league is sad to report that one of our players Miles Caley with the Simcoe Thunder was involved in a tragic automobile accident.

The Western Ontario Soccer League wishes to extend our deepest condolences to the Family of Miles and to his teammates.


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